New beginnings

March 31, 2018 2 Comments

My life, as it is now, began with a stroke of luck, or maybe it was fate.

I'm Sari the Bali Dog, from the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. I’m a scooter cruising, bandana wearing Bali Dog.  I live here with my family. This usually includes a foster sibling, or two. I’m a lucky dog now! I have food, shelter, exercise and as much love as a dog could ever want. My life didn’t start this way, here’s what happened...

I’m a heritage Bali Dog.  I was born a girl. This fact often means a bad start to your life, often the end of your life. It’s highly likely you'll be thrown away like rubbish.  You might ask – why?

It’s because we can have babies. Sterilisation isn’t widely understood, nor a priority, or affordable for many.  Because people don’t want to be burdened by future puppies, they keep the boys and get rid of the girls. The boy puppies are even known as ‘Lucky Luckys’ and indeed they are! Us girls, doomed with our uteruses aren’t so fortunate.

There’s a few favoured ways to get rid of us. Tie us in a rice sack so we slowly suffocate.  Or, there’s the common practice to throw us in the river so we drown, fighting for our little lives. Another popular method is to throw us in the actual rubbish. Then there’s the widespread modus operandi - throw us somewhere… anywhere - out of sight out of mind. That means we get left anywhere and everywhere; gates of animal lover’s homes, steps of animal shelters, carparks, forests, beside the river, in cemeteries, at the beach, or just the side of the road. And that’s what happened to me.

I was left on a road running through picture postcard rice fields - the picturesque vistas that Bali is legendary for.

I waited patiently thinking perhaps it was a mistake. I realised later just how naïve I was. I was alone, scared, hungry, tired and thirsty. I missed my mama. I missed my brothers and sisters. As if all of that wasn’t enough, fleas were devouring me. I could not stop scratching. What I didn’t know then, was, at that very moment so many others just like me were suffering the same fate. Some would not survive.

I was lucky. I foraged on offerings given to the Gods and drank from puddles.

My fur was falling out. The constant itchiness battled with my ravenous hunger for supremacy of my ailments. I wandered aimlessly on the road.  Cars, scooters and vans flew past. I tried making eye contact with people, pleading with my eyes. Maybe someone would see my sad face and save me.  But, no one seemed to care. People beeped their horns and swerved. My plight appeared invisible. But, not on the 29th January 2016. This was the day I stopped just surviving.

I was wandering on the road when a little pink car saw me and stopped nearby. That was new, the car stopping, someone saw me! A lady, wearing a red t-shirt that said ‘BARC’ got out and scooped me up. I was so shocked I hadn’t even tried to run away. She ran her hand against my flea ridden body and I felt happy. For the first time in a long time I felt safe. I heard her asking the local people if they knew where I lived. I tried to tell her, I live here - by the road. The road was my home. I had no family. They told her no one wanted me and that she could take me. I voted for that ! The red t-shirt one rolled her eyes and said ‘okay’. I told her thank you the only way I knew - I licked her. And then I licked her again.

Read about what happened after in my next blog!


Sari’s Note: My dog ‘tail’ is unfortunately common. I was thrown away. Had it not been for great luck and kindness I would not be here today. Sadly, so many of my friends won't get the same chance I did.

The next time you see an animal in need, remember my ‘tail’ and be their voice... 'you can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’.

Love Sari the Bali dog x 

There are many organisations saving the neglected and suffering animals in Bali. Please support them:

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Aunty Zoe
Aunty Zoe

April 17, 2018

Hi Sari, should have read the whole thing the first time… you are very lucky to have the mama you have, and your foster siblings. Sad about so many of the Bali Dogs. You have a mama who loves you lots, and family in New Zealand who can’t wait to meet you one day. Love Cousin Fynn, Natalie and your friend in-waiting Havana…. WOOF WOOF!!!!!!


April 08, 2018

I am so happy you found the life you have, Sari! I look forward to hearing more of your adventures! and your fur-ever Mamma are beautiful souls 🙏❤️

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